Virtual Academy

In addition to our in-person education option, LVUSD staff have developed a Virtual Learning Academy to support students and families who choose to learn from home. We anticipate continuing this virtual option for families beyond the current pandemic.


The Virtual Learning Academy brings the prestigious LVUSD learning experience into the home so that students can learn, grow and connect. The program provides:

  • LVUSD Faculty Teaching all Classes

  • Rigorous Standards-Aligned Instruction

  • Ongoing Assessments 

  • District and State Adopted Curriculum

  • Consistent Scheduling of Direct and Independent Instruction

  • Social-Emotional Learning and 1:1 Counseling


Participation in the Virtual Learning Academy maintains the highest of standards for attendance, assignment completion, and behavior. The following guidelines outline the Academy’s policies as they relate to attendance, assignments, assessments, and overall student behavior. 


Attendance: Regular, active participation is required in the Virtual Learning Academy. Attendance in an online school is as important as attendance in a traditional classroom. In order to learn, complete courses, and graduate you'll need to login and participate on a regular basis. We expect that students are actively engaged, dressed appropriately, and prepared for a day of learning each morning.  Students will be expected to turn in assignments each week.  While online teachers take attendance, online learning is also flexible. 


Assignments and Communication: In an online setting, it is vitally important to keep pace with assignments, reach out to instructors and tutors for support, and communicate when life circumstances prevent assignment completion. 


Assessments: Students may be required to come onto their neighborhood school campus for select assessments that can’t be administered virtually. All health and safety precautions will be put into place on these select occasions. 

Behavior: Student behavior in an online setting needs to be positive, supportive, and focused. There will be a virtual school code of conduct presented to all families at the start of the program year.

If I enroll in the Virtual Learning Academy, can I transfer back to my neighborhood school for in-person instruction at any time? 


Students can transfer to and from the Virtual Learning Academy when space is 

available at select intervals during the year and depending on circumstances 

of need. 


My child is available for free and reduced lunch. Can they still receive a meal daily?


All students in the Virtual Learning Academy will still have access to the free 

and reduced lunch program. Families will need to pick-up their lunch at a 

designated location beginning in Fall of 2020.


Can students with disabilities be part of the Virtual Learning Academy?


Students with disabilities will have the same opportunities as their general ed counterparts during the time of emergency services. When the District determines students can attend school on campus, students with an IEP may need an IEP meeting to ensure students are provided with a free, appropriate public education. 


Will students have access to the same curriculum used at LVUSD school sites?


Yes, students will pick up instructional materials at the beginning of the year. 

They will be engaging in instruction at the same pace as students in our in-person setting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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